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Yakitori is a very popular dish in Japan. Many working people likes to grab a yakitori and a beer from yakitori stalls on the way home from work. Yakitori is also a common, cheap accompaniment to beer in izakayas.

In order to produce the freshest and finest products for our consumer in Singapore, we specifically ordered a unique auto-rolling machine with several clips rolling around this high temperature machine. Those Yakitori sticks were then being dipped into our specially formulated "Tare" ”(sauce). While in Japan diners usually have a choice of having YakiTori sticks served with simply salt or even lemon juice. 

History of TORI-Q

In October 2000, our first shop was proudly launched at one of Singapore most famous shopping district, Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement Two. Within 18 years, we have successfully launched up to 17 stalls, covering mostly the busiest and trendiest zone of Singapore.

In order to have a broader coverage and satisfy different consumer groups, we are moving into neighborhoods areas as well as central business distinct areas lately.




Yaki Tori Logo Meaning of Our Shop Name

which means Grilled Bird is a Japanese type of skewered chicken. On the other hand, "Q" ”is merely a short form for barbequing with good quality and service resulting and hoping for rapid long queuing. In order, to deliver all the essence from this Japanese skewered chicken, we decided to give our shop the most original yet meaningful and inspiring shop name’s YakiTori in short TORI-Q. With much passion and mission in deliver the ultimate most primary taste directly lifted from Japan.
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