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Yakitori Stick


Our ‘TORI-Q Bento’ is one of the popular menus, especially during lunch time. ‘TORI-Q Bento’ contained of Japanese rice with seaweed, pickles and most importantly, it included sticks of satay. You can chose any sticks for your original Bento.



Specifically shipped and selected chicken thighs

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 7.65
Fat (g): 1.86
Carbohydrate (g) 1.05



Softness and chewy feeling with some pork fats

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 7.31
Fat (g): 4.42
Carbohydrate (g) 1.71

Chicken Fillet
| S$1.

Healthy lifestyle liking with absolute no fats and skin

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 9.50
Fat (g): 0.46
Carbohydrate (g) 0.69


Chicken Skin
| S$1.40

Chewy and contain special crispiness within

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 3.49
Fat (g): 4.91
Carbohydrate (g) 1.62

Chicken Balls

Gigantic healthy minced meat with vegetables

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 9.74
Fat (g): 6.22
Carbohydrate (g) 5.25

Pork With Asparagus

Hand-rolled sliced of pork with few healthy asparagus

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 7.88
Fat (g): 9.46
Carbohydrate (g) 2.42


Tontoro Pork
| S$1.50

Entire meat from Pig’s Neck with little chewy feeling

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 4.67
Fat (g): 11.18
Carbohydrate (g) 1.54


Chicken With Green Pepper

Chicken meat blend with pepper fragrance

Calories (Energy Level) (kcal):
Protein (g): 6.37
Fat (g): 1.58
Carbohydrate (g) 2.98

Chicken with Leek
| S$1.40

Suitable for the elderly with leek fragrance within


Quail Egg

Arabiki Pork Sausage
| S$1.70


Tiny eggs on the stick



Juicy and tender pork sausage


Premium Taste

iconNitamago (Japanese Braised Egg)
| S$1.00
iconJumbo Sausage
| S$1.70
iconSmoked Cheese Sausage
| S$1.70


Fragrant wholesome goodness



Unique Flavour



Cheese with a delicate smoked flavour


iconChicken Karaage
| S$1.
iconMini Hashed Potato
iconDeep Fried Prawn


Crispy well-liked chicken by teenagers



Mini yet as delicious as the regular sized



All time Japanese favourite fried to perfection


iconChicken Gyoza
iconDeep Fried Siu Mai (Pork)


Traditional Goodness



Fried dumpling filled with ground pork


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Bento Set

In order to deliver Yakitori as a proper dine in or take away meal, we have come out with Bento Set concept. Yakitori are combined with pickles, seaweed, pure Japanese rice and of course with our specially formulated "Tare" (Sauce).

Bento A

Bento B

Bento C

Energy Value (kcal/g) 748.71
Protein (g/g) 39.34
Carbohydrate (g/100g) 114.21
Fat (g/g) 17.89

Energy Value (kcal/g) 769.95
Protein (g/g) 39.15
Carbohydrate (g/100g) 100.05
Fat (g/g) 15.14

Energy Value (kcal/g) 856.00
Protein (g/g) 29.60
Carbohydrate (g/100g) 89.20
Fat (g/g) 21.88

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In order to further enhance our service, we come out with more products and
certain items are sold separately, catering to individual needs and wants.
The list of separately sold products are as following:

Rice | $1.50 (with 4 sticks of Yakitori and above)
Rice Only | $2.00  
Up-Size Rice | $0.60  
Sauce (Sachet) | $0.50  
Sauce (Sachet) 10pkts | $3.90  
Yakitori Sauce (Bottle) | $5.90
Additional Mayo on Bento | $0.20  
Additional Pickles on Bento | $0.20  
Additional Seaweed on Bento | $0.20  
Mayo in separate container (1oz) | $0.30
Pickles in separate container (1oz) | $0.30
Chilli Powder in separate container (1oz) | $0.30
Miso Soup | $1.30
(All outlet except Takashimaya)
Miso Soup with Bento purchase | $1.00
(All outlet except Takashimaya)
Koshihikari Rice (2kg)| $12.80
Yukinko Rice (2kg) | $10.80


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Advance Ordering

    tori q ordering

    * Parsley and Tomatoes are for decoration purpose only which are
       NOT  inclusive in the party tray      
    * Actual display may vary

Terms & Conditions

  • Small Party Tray (50 sticks and above) (Sizes: 33cm x 26cm x 9cm height)

  • Every 100 sticks of Yakitori purchased comes with 1 container (2oz) of pickles and
    chilli powder each (not valid with Bento purchased)

  • Price for party tray is depending on your Yakitori selection

  • Order must be placed at least 4 working days via email
    (We do not accept last minute order)

  • Your order is ONLY confirmed by receiving our email (if you did not received our confirmation on next working day, please call us at 68875795)

  • A deposit is to be made at least 2 days before collection day at any convenient
    TORI-Q outlet

  • Any amendment or cancellation of order is allow prior to at least 2 working days in advance via email

  • Customer to pick up your order at your preferred TORI-Q outlet (strictly no delivery service)

  • We accept cash only

  • All price, terms & conditions are subject to changes without prior notice

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