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Central kitchen

All our ingredients are specially kept in numerous well-controlled temperature
rooms, in order to ensure freshness and hygienic purpose. These rooms are able

to maintain the most suitable temperature in keeping raw food, till they are send
for production and consumption.

Our raw ingredient are readily prepared and delivered to all outlets daily by a huge
temperature control chiller trucks.

Chicken Ball

Our most popular chicken balls are freshly prepared with fresh ingredients and specially designed machine is used to mince the chicken meat before adding in others constituents. It is a method specially created to ensure the meat inside our chicken balls to have
a juicy and tender feeling.

Yakitori Sauce

Our Yakitori sauce required approximately 30 hours of preparation and manufactured, before they are ready to be served. Most importantly, the recipe of our sauce has never been revealed and is purely from our own creation. Therefore, we are proud to present this sauce of ours to all our valued customers and called it our own invention.

Griller Machine

Our griller is made and purchased from Japan, thus it is not available in Singapore. We are also the first to bring in such machine, in order to ensure the juiciness of our Yakitori sticks and bring out the best yet original taste.

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